At LibreCube we create an ecosystem of elements that can be plugged together to build solutions for your exploration mission.

The development takes place mostly in the frame of umbrella projects. These projects typically encompass the development of various different elements that then become part of the ecosystem.

Here you can learn more out more about those projects.

Rover Project

Status: active

Work Packages:


Summary: The objective is to develop an autonomous rover that can be easily adapted for various applications. For example, one could think of using the rover to support disaster relief as it can drive around and allow to making distress calls. Or it could be used as mobile guard to monitor locations. Or a bunch of those rovers can be used to demonstrate formation driving giving insight to support Moon exploration missions. Or just it as a fun toy to drive around in your garden. No matter the application, the rover will be designed using space communication protocols and space engineering best practices.

Simulator Project

Status: paused

Work Packages:


Summary: Currently this project is paused. More information will be posted when the project resumes.