LibreCube – Open Source Space and Earth Exploration

At LibreCube our vision is to enable everyone to get involved in building systems for exploration of near and remote locations using open source hardware and software. We believe that discovering new worlds and getting scientific insights should be a matter to all humankind.

LibreCube provides the means to it. Be part of it!

Open Source
Everything we do at LibreCube is made available to the public as free and open source. And we only use free and open source tools – this way, really everyone can get involved!
Free and Open Standards
We rely on proven and tested standards for our system designs, with preference to standards from the space domain.
Reference Architecture
Defining a generic architecture of system and modules that have standardized interfaces makes it possible to combine and reuse elements for various applications.

The above three pillars (open source, standards, reference architecture) allows you to assemble your specific exploration mission by choosing the elements you need and plugging them together to form complex systems, such as drones, rovers, robots, and satellites!