An ecosystem of community-driven projects to enable everyone to develop and utilize space technology

LibreCube – Open Source Space Exploration

The vision of LibreCube is to enable everyone to get involved and take benefit in building systems for exploration using open source hardware and software. We believe that discovering new worlds and scientific discoveries should be open to all.

Everything that is developed in the frame of LibreCube is free and open source and available to everyone.

⚙️ Open Source: Not only do we publish everything as open source, but we also strictly only use open source tools to get our projects done – so that you can modify everything to your needs, without royalties.

📖 Free and Open Standards: We rely on proven and tested standards for our system designs, mostly using standards from the space domain.

📡 Reference Architecture: We create an ecosystem of reusable elements, based on a generic architecture of system and modules that have standardized interfaces. This makes it possible to combine and tailor elements for various mission applications.

😃 Join the Community!

Are you interested in building technical systems? Do you like working with electronics, mechanics, software or creative design work? Do you share a passion for open source?

We welcome contributors with different skill levels and expertise, no matter if you are expert or beginner.

With LibreCube you can learn new technologies and skills, you can contribute to interesting projects, and engage in true and open international collaboration. And above all, you will be part of a movement for the liberation of access to, and utilization of, the exploration of Earth and Space!

How to start your journey with LibreCube? Where to find a task to work on? Probably the best starting place is to have a look at our community page.

If you are interested to fix bugs or add features to existing elements of the LibreCube ecosystem have a look at the open issues of the repositories.

See the documentation to find more technical details on how to make successful contributions.